Friday, August 6, 2010

Re-cap SEASON 1

Virginia to Bahamas and back to Charleston

After buying the boat in September 2007, my mom came out to help get Ellida ready for her big adventure. After lots of scrubbing and my first lessons in boat-yard subsidizing we were off for our first sail!

What a great day! And even though my mom had never been on a sailboat before...she had a blast - even with a small craft warning on the weather channel! Little Ellida did great too, never gave us a worry as she blasted through the short choppy waters of the bay.

After spending another month in Norfolk getting her ready, I took off on my first solo cruise with Ellida down the ICW.

With lots of adventures on the way, Karmen joined in on the fun and we made it all the way down to Eleuthera, Bahamas. This was a great shake-down cruise and we learned a lot and met some great new friends.

My mom and Aunt J. also made an escape from the snow and came out for a visit to the Bahamas to soak up the sun.

We didn't want to leave the Bahamas but finally came back state-side and summered out in Charleston, SC with the best Chandlery in the world - Charleston Yachting Go Randy!

Lessons learned from our first year?

*Weather dictates everything...
*Grounding is inevitable...don't let it bruise your ego
*Karmen learned that the depth aka death guage is your friend
*There is at least one incredibly large golden turtle on the planet
*Dolphins are awesome ableit a bit showy at times : )

After a little time away from the boat for us and then some much needed upgrades we were ready to head out for Season 2...

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