About Ellida

There was a recent article showing archelogical evidence of boat building on the same Island ( Ellös ) where Hallberg Rassy's are built...dating back 3,000 years ago! I guess by now they have figured out what they are doing.

This section of our blog is dedicated to our floating home and the projects/upgrades we have made.

Here are a few bits to start out with about the boat...

Hallberg Rassy's are popular, well made cruising boats. This is their most popular boat, with over 900 made in their long production run from 1974 to 1982. Ellida is hull #12.

Want more info on the HR Monsun?


Even before I bought the boat I knew I'd need to come up with a new name.

The old name was difficult to pronounce, spell and just didn't seem to suit her. So I began looking for a better fit... I wanted something easy to say on the radio, something easy to spell and something that reflected her Swedish heritage.

So after some research, I happened upon a book of Norse mythology...in it there was a reference to "Ellida"

According to the Norse legend, Ellida was a magic dragon ship gifted to a wandering hero by the gods.

In a short recap, no matter how bad the guy screwed up - the ship always got him out of trouble. And, as it was made magically out of a single piece of wood it didn't leak. I obviously liked both of those attributes and thought it was a perfect fit!