Friday, August 6, 2010

Recap - SEASON 2

Charleston, Bahamas, Turks and Caico and Dominican Republic

After saying goodbyes to friends and family...and some dear cash to the boatyard - we were ready to tackle our second season on the boat.

We had great offshore sailing down the East coast and met up with friends in Florida.

We had a great gulf crossing from Fort Worth to the Abacos and sailed the entire way! In fact, after spending 4 more months in the Bahamas - we only bought 40 gallons of diesel!!!

The Bahamas and especially the Exumas were great. We really enjoyed the time spent playing in the crystal clear water, walking the beaches and chasing the fish. We also got to spend a lot of time with old friends from the first season, new friends we met along the way and two special visitors! Mom came out again for her third trip to the boat...quite the little sailor. Then my fake cousin Lois came out for some fun in the sun too.

After the crowds cleared out - it was time for us to start heading south for hurricane season. So we left the Georgetown crowd behind and took the road less traveled south. Technically SE. With a brief layover in the Turks & Caicos islands we made the "rainy" crossing down to the Dominican Republic.

We had a blast spending hurricane season in the DR, and took several trips inland to see the sights. Don't miss Santo Domingo! We also got to spend the summer with good friends...and get a bit of work done on the boat too - THANKS PETITE LOUISE for helping to build our green power plant!!!

Lessons learned in season 2:
*Pressure cooker is a must (stainless steel is best)
*Some sharks are very large...don't swim near cuts at their dinner time :)
*Bachata & Merengue!

After five months we were ready to go south again for our third season...

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